Where to Travel in Wales

Although many international tourists, when travelling to the UK, mainly visit places such as London, Edinburgh, The Stonehenge and The Lake District however what many people do not know is that on the far west part of the island a rich in history and so much natural beauty that distincts itself from the rest of the UK.

Wales is home of beautiful landscapes,wide open spaces, stunning national parks and the wealth of history and culture. The country is mainly divided in three parts; North Wales, Mid Wales and South Wales. Cardiff is the capital. Locate in South Wales, it offers a rich culture and history for it’s tourists. It’s biggest touristic attraction is the Cardiff Castle. The Cardiff Castle is a large castle whose foundations are based upon a Roman fort. Built in the nineteenth century, it was the one of the homes of the Marquis of Bute. The interior was all done in the early 1900’s in a very idiosyncratic and interesting style. There is barely an inch that is not adorned with some sort of artistic work.

Regarding Mid-Wales, the coastal area is considered to be the most visited and beautiful coast of the whole UK. Packed with camping sites, holiday resorts and beach towns, the coast of Wales becomes more than alive during the summer and early spring. Aberystwyth is considered to be the main attraction. The small town filled with universities and students has a large number of pubs and it is a favourite location for young adults and students. Although Aberystwyth is known by some as a party town, it is also know for being the heart of Nationalist Wales, and is the birthplace of the Welsh Language movement therefore a rich culture and history can be found in this smallish and charming town.

Lastly, The north of Wales, even tough not very mentioned by many, has attributes of natural beauty in which is considered to be unique and fascinating. Attributes such as those can be seem in the Snowdonia National Park. Lakes, castles, waterfalls, and steam railways create a surreal experience right out of Lord of the Rings. Local signs are often both English and Welsh and many aspects of traditional Welsh life, including food, clothing, and crafts, are still to be found. The park is also know for very popular for hiking, mountaineering, white-water kayaking, and other outdoor pursuits. Additionally it features Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales at 1,085 m (3,560 feet).

Wales tourism is growing by the year and it is becoming one the most popular destinations in the UK. With is facilities of transportation and surroundings of pure beauty, Wales is a perfect destination for family travelling, backpacking and even adventure trips.

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