What Are Gift Experiences?

Gift experiences, sometimes called “experience gifts”, are gifts that provide an actual real-life experience, such as a shopping spree, bungee-jumping trip, or spa package. Perfect for the person who has everything, experience gifts go far beyond wrapping paper and bows to give the giftee an actual (and usually awesome) experience.

Gift experience presents are unique, the idea being that whoever receives a gift experience will remember it the rest of their life. A gift experience is almost always an interactive activity that fully immerses the gift receiver in an experience that can turn a holiday or birthday into something truly memorable.

How to Pick A Gift Experience

Gift experience packages are available all over the place these days — gone is the time when only a few retailers offered gift experiences. To pick the perfect gift experience for someone you love, you only really need to know two things. Figure out the part of the world where the gift will be given, and determine your own budget. The region where the gift experience takes place is important because the gift experiences available to you change depending on where in the world you are. When it comes to budget, different gift experiences will cost different amounts. Believe it or not, there are perfectly acceptable gift experience gifts for under £50, and there are plenty of gift experiences that cost 100 times that amount or more. The specific gift experience you choose, and the area in the country where the gift experience takes place, affect the price a great deal. The final part in selecting the proper gift experience is knowing a thing or two about the person receiving the gift. Is the person receiving the gift a middle-aged man? A fan of golf? Does the person you’re gifting love to cook, want to learn to bake, or secretly desire a windsurfing trip? Gift experiences are the perfect excuse for giving someone a gift you wouldn’t normally consider — send your wife on a dive with sharks, or let your dad be a radio DJ for a day. While some gift experiences are more traditional in nature, selecting an off-the-wall gift experience is usually the way to go. After all, you can usually change your gift later if the receiver wants to do something else. Gift experiences are huge right now in Europe, and they’re growing in popularity in the United States as well, and for good reason. Giving a gift that makes a real impression on a person means more than buying them an awesome tie or printing your own gift certificates for back rubs. If you’re in the market for a gift to brighten up someones’ life, or to really blow them out of the water, it is safe to say that a gift experience is what you have in mind.

Will Roby writes about the gift experience phenomenon and other topics that interest him at the AskDeb.com questions and answer blog.

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