The Weak Pound – Taking a Cheap UK Short Break

With the current economic climate pushing the value of the British Pound down, the cost of a UK short break has become too cheap to ignore for many Europeans. However it is not only the Europeans that are taking advantage of the weakening Pound; British travellers are also booking cheap UK short breaks instead of their traditional European retreats due to the more expensive cost of travelling to Europe.

For example, a 3 night city break in Prague a few years ago including flights and hotel could have come in at below £100pp – you could quite easily double that in cost in 2009.

Short breaks in the UK

Short breaks in the UK are for many misunderstood. With so many gems to unearth many British travellers searching for sun, sea and sand may opt for some of the delights offered within the UK.’s recent press release report showed some interesting stats comparing costs from 2007 against costs in 2008. The 2008 trend is set to continue into 2009 as the global recession looms

  • Ths average cost of UK hotel breaks was down by 13%!
  • Biggest savings were to be found in Edinburgh and Glasgow; room rates down by 20% to about £126
  • Belfast, Bristol and Birmingham all down by 16 to 18%
  • London was down by 13% to around £136

If you’re based in the UK you’ll notice a slow price but those from the Eurozone will benefit the most from these reduced prices.

Don’t forget, whilst you’re in the UK, to take advantage of big falling prices on the highstreet!

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