Valentine’s Day Breaks

Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day today is about the sharing of love and friendship… and we hope we can help you find something right for your Valentine this year. The most popular breaks being searched for are Valentine’s Hotel breaks, Valentine’s Lodge breaks and Valentine’s Cottage breaks.

When is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day falls on the following days:

  • Valentine’s Day 2016: Sunday
  • Valentine’s Day 2017: Tuesday
  • Valentine’s Day 2018: Wednesday

Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout many parts of the world and is a time to reflect ones love and affection, whether husband and wife or as friends. Much of this has of course become intensely commercialised as organisations cash in, however Valentine’s Day still remains, at its core, the single date in the Western calender where many women, and indeed men, expect their partners to show affection – not to be confused with the only time they should be showing affection!

What is Valentine’s Day about?

A good place to start when planning a Valentine’s Day break away for you and a loved one, is to reflect on the foundations of Valentine’s Day. At it’s core, it is quite far removed from what it is now. Valentine’s Day was originally part of the Christian calender after early Christian martyrs named Valentine, were honoured on the 14th February each year. This was later removed from the Christian calender, before it was picked up as something linked to friendship and love in various literature with Saint Valentine a symbol of love and friendship, symbolised by his marrying of couples behind the then rulers back for which he was executed and ultimately martyred for.