UK Set for Sunshine

Trafalgar sunIf there is one thing that can put people off when planning a UK holiday it is the uncertainty about the weather. It is a double edged sword of course, since the lush green pastures, rivers, woodland, moors and hills of the country’s best loved National Parks don’t get like that without a lot of rain. There is an expression amongst the serious outdoor adventurers that there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing and while for the hardiest among us that is certainly true, many more prefer to holiday in the sun. For those people, Met Office figures released today make for some very good reading indeed.

Flaming June starts today, with temperatures set to soar for the weekend, bettering even the glorious weather of Easter Sunday when it topped 28C in places. That is good news for sunseekers looking to get away at short notice but who feel the strain of a foreign holiday may be too much. And it is good news too, for the country’s big summer events with predictions that the temperature will rise further over the next couple of weeks and into Wimbledon and Glastonbury, which start on the 20th and 22nd June respectively.

If the Met Office weather predictions are proved correct then over the next two weeks the temperature in London will exceed that of Casablanca in Morocco, Istanbul in Turkey and Majorca in Spain. The eastern side of the UK is set for the best of it, but even the most northern climes of Scotland are due extended sunny periods. The Met Office forecasts are backed up by independent forecaster Brian Gaze, of the Weather Outlook, who expects a dry, sunny month and predicts temperatures as high as 33C heading into July. After the hottest spring since records began, this would indicate the hottest summer to follow. Perhaps it is time to ditch the inappropriate clothing altogether and start applying the sunscreen.

Image: “Trafalgar sun by monikabota, on Flickr”

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