UK Holidays: Not for money but for love

MoneyThe phenomenon of the staycation, where staying at home is the new going abroad, continues unabated and it’s growing popularity has largely been attributed to troubled financial times. Not so, say TripAdvisor and Rough Guides, two of the major travel information resources. A recent study by Rough Guides compiled for a new book ‘How to Make the Most of Your Time in Britain,’ shows that more than a third of people surveyed stay in Britain simply for the love of it, for the scenic countryside and for the major holiday locations, including Cornwall, Devon and Blackpool.

This is supported by a dramatic rise in static caravan sales in these and other areas, which tells a story not of a short term make-do holiday but rather a longer term commitment to spending holidays in the nation’s favourite destinations. Just 14 per cent of respondents to the Rough Guides survey cited the financial benefits of staying at home as a defining factor, whilst a similar number simply felt a UK holiday was a lot less hassle than flying abroad.

Clearly one of the great benefits of a UK holiday is the short journey times from city to country to seaside and all the better it seems when the seaside destination is Cornwall. A poll conducted by TripAdvisor has shown that not only is St. Ives the top beach resort destination in the UK, but is nestled comfortably within the top 10 beach resorts in Europe, placed above those of Sicily, Sardinia and Majorca. Second in the UK top 10 is Newquay, also in Cornwall, with others represented by beaches in Devon, Dorset, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight and Pembrokeshire in Wales. The south coast climate certainly helps but the signs are there for a good summer throughout the UK and sunshine or not, it seems stay at home holidaymakers are determined to make the most of it.

Image: Money by CJ Isherwood, on Flickr

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