UK customers not benefiting from global hotel price drop

A report recently published cited that UK travellers are not benefiting from a global decrease in hotel rates/prices due to the weak value of the pound. uses its own hotel price index to measure and track the price customers pay for rooms (as opposed to advertised rates, taken from a sample of 68,000 hotels across 12,500 locations).

  • Average price of hotel rooms globally fell by around 12% last year
  • Prices in North America worst hit, falling 12% in Q4, 2008
  • Europe slightly better off, hit with a 10% fall in hotel rates
  • Caribbean and Latin American prices fell 7%
  • Asia hotel rates fell just 2%

UK consumers are faced with the issue of the weak pound making costs of foreign travel to appear more expensive than they are for European counterparts, due to the weaker return for their pound against foreign currencies.

The report cites that many prices paid by UK travellers were actually higher for hotel rates across the world.

However prices for hotels in Italy and Ireland seemed to fall with increases everywhere else including Switzerland which is now very unattractive as a destination for UK travellers due to the cost. president David Roche said: “Room rates dropped significantly in the final three months of last year as hoteliers around the world cut prices to fill their rooms.

“The good news is that there are many bargains to be had for travellers. This year really will be the year of the deal.”


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