More interest in UK breaks as international destinations suffer

The currently positive state of the UK breaks holiday market seems to be one of very few benefactors during this 2009 recession.

Recent news highlighted Ryan Air, British Airways and Thomas Cook as big holiday companies that are cost-cutting to counter the effect’s of the global recession. Of course, it is not only holiday companies that are feeling the pinch.

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Ryan Air are planning on cost-cutting their airline operating costs by losing all check-in desks and the removal of airport check-in staff. A great idea to reduce their overheads and to continue to operate cheap flights but where is the line drawn on quality and value?

British Airways are looking to outsource their operations to save costs on IT. British Airways have cautioned that this is only speculative to improve efficiences however this again shows the strain on international travel companies.

Thomas Cook on the other hand, are looking to charge holiday makers for in-flight luggage, where Ryan Air currently lead the way in the cost of carry-on luggage. Thomson Fly and First Choice Airways are currently already charging for carry-on luggage.

In other news, the Telegraph reports the drop in visitor numbers to Spain. Previously one of the most popular destination for British holiday makers, another sure sign of the strength of the UK holiday market is the increase in families booking their holidays in and around the UK.

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