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Pembrokeshire – “Little England Beyond Wales”

Pembrokeshire, especially to the south, has followed an English culture (and language) for many centuries, which is why the southern area of this county has been called the “Little England Beyond Wales”.

Whilst agriculture still plays an important part in the local economy, tourism is the main source of income for the area. Pembrokeshire has a long and interesting history which has involved the Romans, Vikings and Normans. There is even an Irish influence, as a tribe called the Déisi settled there in 350 AD.

The area has been popular with film makers and many well known films and TV dramas have used the location, such as Moby Dick, The Onedin Line and Robin Hood.

Some years ago (1977) a famous UFO sighting took place in the area (Ripperston Farmhouse UFO Phenomena), which many UFO enthusiasts consider to be the British “Roswell”.

Reasons to visit Pembrokeshire

There are many Islands to explore and hills to climb, and a very good selection of castles to visit, like Haverfordwest Castle for example.

Some of the more popular attractions for visitors include the Pembrokeshire Motor Museum, Oakwood Theme Park, the Blue Lagoon waterpark, Folly Farm and the Crystal Maze.

Pembrokeshire has some excellent beaches at Whitesands Bay, Broad Haven and those in Tenby.

Tenby and Saundersfoot are the most visited areas by tourists, but other areas should not be excluded.

Entertainment and Dining in Pembrokeshire

There is certainly plenty to see and do during the day, and if you like live entertainment that includes comedy, drama, dance and music, you could try the “Theatr Mwldan”. Pubs are plentiful, offering real ale and great views.

Accommodation in Pembrokeshire

There is no shortage of hotels in Pembrokeshire, not just in the main tourist spots, but in the surrounding areas as well. You can enjoy of beautiful views if staying at the Park Hotel or fantastic evening entertainment if staying at Begelly Arms Hotel.  You can also find guest houses, bed and breakfast, and camping sites. Bluestone is another very popular destination in Pembrokeshire, attracting many families and couples to the coastal areas.