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Ceredigion – Part of the desert of Wales

Ceredigion, a former kingdom, is located in mid-west Wales and created around 1282. The Cambrian Mountains can be found to the east of the county and the area forms part of the desert of Wales (so called because of its inaccessibility and lack of roads and towns).

Pen Pumlumon Fawr is the highest point of the Cambrian Mountains in Wales at 2,467 feet, and the mountain is the source of 5 rivers, including The River Severn, the longest river in Britain.

Ceredigion has 50 miles of coastline, which includes many sandy beaches and clear sea water.

There are no large commercial areas in the county.

Reasons to visit Ceredigion

Areas of interest include Aberystwyth Castle, which was one of the many castles built by Edward I during the end of the 13th century and has changed hands many times over the years.

The Devil’s Bridge was originally built in 1075–1200, but used to support scaffolding during construction of a later version in 1753. In 1901 an iron bridge was built over the previous one, effectively producing three bridges in one.

Others places worth a visit include: The Aberystwyth Cliff Railway which was opened in 1896 and is the longest funicular railway in the UK, and the Vale of Rheidol (narrow-gauge) Railway, which operates on the last line to be operated by steam (between Aberystwyth and Devil’s Bridge).

There are also a number of museums, halls and other interesting buildings to see.

Entertainment and Dining in Ceredigion

There are lots of interesting restaurants to dine in, including the Ty Mawr Mansion in Aberaeron, which is highly recommended, along with the Gwesty Cymru in Aberystwyth, which serves Welsh food. Entertainment can be found in local night clubs and theatres.

Accommodation in Ceredigion

The Falcondale Hotel and Restaurant in Lampeter is very popular and offers many facilities, but you can also obtain serviced apartments, Guest Houses, B&Bs and Camping areas.