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Caerphilly – Home to the largest castle in Wales

Caerphilly is a small county located in south Wales and many living in the main town (also called Caerphilly) travel to Cardiff and Newport to work, which are situated close by.

Caerphilly has a number of claims to fame. The town gives its name to Caerphilly cheese, which was created in the region, and it is the birth of Tommy (just like that) Cooper, a very popular comedian/magician. Sadly, he died midway through an act in front of millions of television viewers. He will perhaps be best remembered for the red fez he always used to wear on stage.

The decision to allow the Sex Pistols to perform a concert in Caerphilly in 1976 was considered very controversial at the time (one of only a handful of places they could appear), and this resulted in protests outside the Castle Cinema.

The most outstanding landmark in Caerphilly has to be the castle, which was built between 1268 and 1271. Not only is it the largest castle in Wales, but the second largest in Britain, coming second to Windsor Castle.

Reasons to visit Caerphilly

Unlike many other castles, Caerphilly Castle has received very few alterations since it was completed in 1271, apart from some remodelling of the great hall and other domestic areas for Hugh le Despenser between 1322-1326, providing a fine example of late 13th-century military architecture. This truly impressive castle presents an image of how most of us imagine a castle to be (just like in the movies) and has the ability to take you back into the distant past.

Other places worth a visit include the Castell Coch and Cefn Mably Farm Park.

Entertainment and Dining in Caerphilly

For entertainment you can try “Funtastic” (fun area for kids) and the Caerphilly Leisure Centre. Because of its size, there are a limited number of restaurants available, which include a Brewer’s Fayre restaurant in Pontypandy or Defoys at the Brynmeadows Golf and Country Hotel in Maesycwmmer.

Accommodation in Caerphilly

Not too many Hotels to choose from, but you can find two Premier Inns, in Caerphilly and Pontypandy. There are of course some Guest Houses and B&B places available as well.