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Wigtonshire – The southern most point in Scotland

Wigtonshire (or Wigtownshire) is a county in south west Scotland and includes the Mull of Galloway, which is the southern most point in Scotland.

After the Romans left the area, the region became part of the territories of the Northumbrian kings for the next few hundred years, until it fell into the power of the Picts (a group of Late Iron Age and Early Mediaeval people).

Reasons to visit Wigtonshire

Castle Kennedy was destroyed by fire in 1716, but the remains of this 15th century castle and its gardens surround the present day Lochinch Castle. Whilst little of the castle remains, the gardens have been restored to their original beauty and well worth seeing.

St. Ninian established the first Christian Church in Scotland in the early 5th century and St. Ninian’s Cave has been traditionally associated with him. The cave is located at Physgill, close to Whithorn.

Stranraer Castle was built by Ninian Adair of Kilhilt around 1510, but the ownership of the castle changed hands in the late 16th century and again in 1680. It was finally sold to the borough council for £340.

The Torhouse Stone Circle is believed to date back to the Bronze Age and consists of a circle of 19 boulders standing on the edge of a low mound. The stone circle is located west of Wigtown (about 4 miles). A similar circle can be found near the farmhouse of Blairbuie, called The Wren’s Egg Stone Circle. Sadly, only three of the stones remain of this once double concentric ring.

Entertainment and Dining in Wigtonshire

There are cinemas and theatres in the region and many of the pubs and restaurants offer live entertainment. You can find English food at the Bladnoch Inn, Newton Stewart, seafood at Campbells in Stranraer, and many other cuisines like Chinese, Italian and Indian.

Accommodation in Wigtonshire

In addition to hotels there are Guest Houses and camping areas. Hotels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as: The Bladnoch Inn, The Cally Palace Hotel and Golf Course, The Fordbank Hotel in Wigtown and the Kirroughtree House Hotel in Newton Stewart.