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Kinross-shire – Small but attractive county in Scotland

Kinross-shire is a small county located in the east central Lowlands of Scotland. Much of the land in the county is agricultural and the inhabitants have historically been involved in farming, although many moved to more urban areas in search of work and this resulted in a decline of the population. Things have improved in more recent times, especially in respect of tourism, and the population is now estimated to be around 13,000.

One of the main areas of Kinross-shire is the large inland loch called Loch Leven, which has two islands.

Reasons to visit Kinross-shire

Loch Leven Castle is located on one of the two islands found in Loch Levenand and is believed to have been built around the end of the 15th century. For a short period of time (1567-1568) this tower held Mary Queen of Scots as a prisoner, until she escaped (with a little help). The island can only be reached by ferry, but you will get a chance to see the room where Mary Queen of Scots stayed, and be able to enjoy the scenery of the island itself.

Loch Leven National Nature Reserve attracts many geese, ducks and swans to the area, and contains two islands (Loch Leven Castle is located on one of them). As this is an internationally important reserve, commercial activities are restricted to protect the environment.

Kinross House was built in the 17th century and has a walled garden overlooking Loch Leven. Restoration work was carried out on the house and gardens in the early 20th century and it now offers much of its original beauty.

The remains of another castle can be found near Loch Leven, which is the 16th century Burleigh Castle. Some of the arched gateways and corner towers are still visible.

For those who enjoy watching birds and wildlife, Vane Farm will be of interest. The farm is also part of the Loch Leven National Reserve.

Entertainment and Dining in Kinross-shire

The nightlife may be a little limited, but some local entertainment can be found in the pubs. Whilst there are a few places to dine, you may find the better restaurants located in the hotels.

Accommodation in Kinross-shire

Accommodation includes Guest Houses, B&Bs, Self Catering apartments and camping sites. Hotels are mainly located in Kinross, such as The Kirklands Hotel, Travelodge, The Thistle Hotel, The Windlestrae Hotel and others.