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Kincardineshire, Scotland- Where the Old is New Again

Located on the northeastern coast of Scotland, the county of Kincardineshire is often referred to as The Mearns. Though politically incorporated into the nearby Aberdeenshire council, the county remains as a symbol of history for both residents and visitors. Finding the historic value of Kincardineshire is simple when you travel through some of its more prominent towns and view the notable buildings that make up the landscape. From castles that have stood firm since the 14th century to manors that were erected in the early 1800s, the past is always present in The Mearns. Situated on the coast between Aberdeen to the north and Angus to the south, Kincardineshire has an ample blend of coastland, farmland, woodland and mountains to offer a variety of communities for both residents and those on holiday.

Reasons to Visit Kincardineshire

Stepping back into history is simple with a visit to one of the many castles that Kincardineshire is known for. The Cowie Castle was once a fortress that helped control the movement of the military in the north. Today it sits in ruins. Dunnottar Castle is another ruined medieval fortress that sits along the coast. It is believed to have been around since the dark ages. In addition to castles there are unique sites that draw travellers in on holiday such as the Tolbooth Museum. Once a 17th century jail, The Tolbooth now houses museum displays of everything related to police, law and order. A trip to the Fowlsheugh Nature Reserve will showcase 70 metre cliff formations as well as colonies of seabirds that nest in the reserve. For anyone not a fan of history, there are typical outings that can take place including golf, shopping and dining.

Entertainment and Dining in Kincardineshire

The cuisine in The Mearns is much like the rest of Scotland. Those preferring to dine out will have a variety of choices including traditional fare, Asian, Mediterranean and even African and Middle Eastern delicacies. Seafood is also a popular choice among those dining and can be experienced in a multitude of atmospheres. With choices from bistros to fine dining, there is an eatery for virtually any budget.

Accommodation in Kincardineshire

Like much of the rest of The Mearns, the accommodations can be a stroll back into historic times. With Bed & Breakfasts and hotels that were established in buildings from as early as the 1800s it is easy to be taken back to a different era while also being given the modern conveniences that one wants. For a more modern holiday, visitors only have to travel thirty or so kilometres to the north to find a variety of contemporary hotels and inns located in Aberdeen.