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Bute, Scotland- One Town, One Fabulous Holiday

The most notable difference between the county of Bute, which also happens to be an island, and the remainder of Scotland is that Bute has only one town. Rothesay is the sole location where travellers and residents find themselves when they locate to the island. The island is divided in two by both the Highland Boundary Fault Line and also the Loch Fad which runs along it. In the north there is uncultivated and hilly land while south of the line is much smoother. Even though the county boasts only four schools, it has several sports and activities that holiday travellers can pursue. This is because aside from farming, tourism is the top industry in Bute. Part of that is the natural beauty and the other part is the prehistoric presence.

Reasons to Visit Bute

Visitors to Bute find that a combination of the past and the present keep them satisfied with their journey. A trip around to visit ruins such as the St Blane’s Chapel or the Rothesay Castle will satisfy any history buff. The many gardens that exist will showcase plants and shrubs from around the kingdom. Those wishing for a modern day holiday will be pleased with the selection of sporting, fishing and water sports that are available on Bute. Much wildlife can be found including deer and birds.

Entertainment and Dining in Bute

Sit alongside the Harbour and look out over the Rothesay Bay while you dine at the Esplanade. With a varied menu there is likely to be something for even the most discerning tastes. For a home cooked meal made with local produce in a setting from 1786, pay a visit to the Kingarth Hotel. Indoor and outdoor dining choices make it easy to enjoy the spectacular weather when it is available.

Accommodation in Bute

There are a number of types of accommodation that you can find in Bute. This allows you to pick what works for you. If you are looking for a luxurious environment that is less personal you can opt for a hotel such as the Ardyne Guest House. Ten rooms allow you to view the water in peace. You can also choose a self-catering college or spend some quiet time at a bed and breakfast. The Monrose B&B features large garden that gives you just the right look across the bay.