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Aberdeenshire, Scotland- Summer Home to the Royal Family

When it comes to having a claim to fame, Aberdeenshire has many. Not only is the county known for its many distilleries, it has more castles than any other county in Scotland. These pieces of the past serve to remind residents and visitors of the strong prehistoric and historic record that the county has. Much of this is found through the many Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeological sites that can be found throughout the county. Yet nothing brings the notoriety that comes with being the summer home of the Queen does. Along with the varied history, there is plenty in the present to bring visitors into Aberdeenshire. Fishing, water sports, winter sports and of course the distilleries all serve to make one’s holiday more interesting.

Reasons to Visit Aberdeenshire

Unless you are planning an extended holiday there will never be enough time to take in all that Aberdeenshire has to offer. If you are visiting in the winter you can participate in snow sports at one of the two ski areas. The Glenshee is the top ski centre in the county. But if winter is not your travelling time then there is still plenty to do. If you are into adventurous sporting then you can go mountain biking, hang-gliding, canoeing or even diving while in Aberdeenshire. Of course there is also the history that is present to take in. The Castle Trail will take you to many castles including the Glenbuchat which was built in 1590 and the Balmoral which is the summer home to the Royal Family. Spend some time visiting the many distilleries including the first malt whisky distillery run by women. There are plenty of museums, archaeological sites and even an amusement park for you to take in as well.

Entertainment and Dining in Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire is well known for many things and food and drinks are on that list. Some of the most popular being Angus beef, whiskey and shortbread. You will certainly find nice coffee shops to enjoy a few treats or a nice meal. You can also experience the local seafood at restaurants like The Silver Darling. For a taste of nightlife it is simple to find bars and clubs that are open for your perusing.

Accommodations in Aberdeenshire

One of the oldest hotels in Aberdeenshire was built in 1856. It is the Aberdeen Douglas Hotel and is centrally located. The close proximity to a shopping centre makes it even more appealing. For a more cosy stay you can elect to reserve a room at one of the many bed and breakfasts throughout the county.