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Visit the beautiful country of Scotland for a mix of culture, mountains, woodland, breathtaking views and its coastline. Famous for its Highland Shortbread, Haggis, Kilts and the sound of bagpipes there is simply so much more Scotland has to offer.

A favourite with the Royal family, Scotland is also home to Balmoral Castle and Holyrood House, the famous annual holiday location for the Queen. You can enjoy it’s picturesque Greenland, farmland and unique rural beauty contributing to its popularity as a holiday place. Popular wildlife include a range of birds such as the Oyster Catcher, Puffins, Red Kites, Gillemotts and Geese with many choosing to migrate through Scotland. Other Wildlife include Bottle Nose dolphins, seals, sharks and otters. Such interesting and diverse wildlife adds value to what is already a popular holiday location.

Activities that you could enjoy whilst visiting Scotland include horse riding, horse racing, fishing which is both relaxing and pleasant. Whether young or old the choice of things to do are plentiful. Walking in natural beauty is a great way to enjoy the local scenery; simply pack a picnic and enjoy nature at its best. Sailing and boating on the sea is another treat and if you see some of the amazing pictures of Scotland you will agree. Scotland offers National Parks to visit, rich coastlines, mountainous trails and gardens.

If you are interested in history and architecture you can visit the cathedrals and castles like Dunbarton Castle. There are many museums such as the Regimental museum as well as art galleries.

Scottish cuisine is an experience to devour and with fresh sea water closeby the Scottish Salmon is a popular dish eaten across the UK. How about haggis for those that love new experiences and cuisines. Enjoy Angus Beef, from Aberdeenshire which is a highly regarded for those who love steak and a favourite for people across the UK. The cuisine is not limited to meat and there is a good variety of soups, vegetarian options made from local produce complemented with sweets and cakes. Finish off your dining with some famous Scottish malt whisky another fine export of Scotland.