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Wexford, Ireland- The Sunny Southeast

There’s a reason that Wexford is known as the ‘sunny southeast’ in Ireland. The area is said to receive more sunshine than any other part of the county and less rainfall than the other counties as well. This sunshine could be due to the fact that Wexford is bordered on two sides by water. The south lies against the Atlantic Ocean and the east is the Irish Sea. Both contribute to the mild climate of the region and add to the tourist appeal. The majority of the county is low lying fertile land, but the Blackstairs Mountains hold Mount Leinster which reaches 795 metres high. There is evidence that the first human habitation of the area began in the Neolithic period.

Reasons to Visit Wexford

It is no surprise with half of the borders being coastline that this is a major factor in the decision of most to visit the county. With many beaches and dunes to be perused, water sports appeal to many. The Hook Lighthouse sits on the shoreline and is one of the oldest operational lighthouses in the world. At over 800 years old it is an attraction that visitors enjoy when they travel through the county. Ballyteigue Burrow is a sand dune system that is protected due its extensive wildlife. Anyone visiting the burrow will also find wildflowers, butterflies and more to observe and enjoy. While the beaches make up a large portion of attractions, there are many structures that pull in visitors as well. Castles such as the Ferns Castle and other structures like the Duncannon Fort continue to attract people year round.

Entertainment and Dining in Wexford

Many of the fine hotels throughout Wexford have restaurants that visitors will enjoy. In addition there are individual establishments such as the Green Acres Bistro that offer a fine dining experience for guests. Entertainment can be found at one of the many area festivals, nightly at the bars and pubs or even at venues like the Wexford Opera House.

Accommodation in Wexford

Four star accommodations can be found at locations such as the Cedar Lodge Hotel. If you just want comfort and quality you can opt for the Harbour View Hotel or a similar establishment. The Maple Lodge Bed and Breakfast can give you luxury accommodations with gardens near the village of Castlebridge.