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Monaghan, Ireland- Home to the Arts

Monaghan was created when the glaciers of the ice age retreated. This left a beautiful landscape that is most known for the many drumlins located throughout the county. Even with the natural beauty that can be found in Monaghan, it is most widely known for being the home to many authors, writers and poets. Most notably, Monaghan boasts itself as the birthplace of poet Patrick Kavanagh. However, through the years the land has produced numerous artists including George Collie and is also known as the home of Irish writer Sir Shane Leslie. Still, the nature that is present in the landscapes and waterways provide plenty of opportunities for tourists to become involved in activities they enjoy.

Reasons to Visit Monaghan

The fishing in Monaghan is exciting enough to bring people from all over to the many annual fishing competitions throughout the county. Angling and other water sports are quite popular among both locals and visitors. The many forests and parklands provide plenty of outdoor activities as well. Walking and cycling are two favoured activities with the abundance of wildlife to be seen and enjoyed. The Monaghan County Museum and Art Gallery is considered one of the leading museums in the country if you want to explore the many artefacts that it houses. As with much of Ireland, there are plenty of world class golf courses where you can relax and enjoy a few rounds of your favourite game.

Entertainment and Dining in Monaghan

Visit the Squealing Pig Bar & Restaurant and have your choice of three venues in one. There is a sports bar, night club and a late bar in one simple location. When visiting Castle Leslie you can stop into Snaffles restaurant and enjoy top quality Irish Cooking in a fine dining atmosphere.

Accommodation in Monaghan

If golf is your thing then the Nuremore Hotel and Country club will be appealing to you. Not only will you enjoy your favourite game, but you can take in the countryside as well.