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Mayo, Ireland- Land of Salmon, Deserted Beaches and History

Like much of Ireland, Mayo is a county that is steeped in history with the remains to back it up. Archaeological remains from the Neolithic period, Megalithic tombs and stone circles help to make up many of the historical elements of this county that sits along the western seaboard. The strong religious history associated with Mayo makes it a preferred destination for those embarking on religious pilgrims. However, there is more to this county than its historical ties. It actually holds many records in Ireland. Mayo has the largest island in the country with Achill Island that sits off the west coast. They also have Ireland’s highest cliffs at Croaghaun. The salmon fishing is top quality and the area to the northwest has some of the top renewable energy sources in all of Europe.

Reasons to Visit Mayo

One of the most appealing things for many tourists about Mayo is the expanse of deserted beaches that can be enjoyed. The land also contains some of the most expansive bog land in the country. Many find that the salmon and trout fishing to be had in Mayo is among the top in all of Europe. For those who prefer the historical feel, there are plenty of Stone Age tombs located around the county. Ceide Fields has stone walls and megalithic tombs that are over 5,000 years old. Many castles such as the Rockfleet Castle and Belleek Castle appeal to visitors. The scenery from the cliffs is one of a kind and those who are interested can participate in activities such as angling, golf and walking.

Entertainment and Dining in Mayo

Visiting pubs is not always the same. In Mayo you can visit the pub of the year when you go to Paddy Jordans or visit the winner of Best pub in Mayo by taking in a drink at Cosy Joes Bar. If you prefer to have a fine meal then travel over to Westport and take in the cuisine at the Knockranny House.

Accommodation in Mayo

You can easily have it all when you choose the Hotel Westport. 4 star service, seclusion, top notch leisure facilities and an on-site spa help pamper you and give you the luxury you deserve. There are also a number of other hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels and even self-catering cottages available throughout the county.