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Limerick, Ireland- The Flat Area

The county of Limerick gets its nickname honestly as the majority of the land is flat plains. However, the mountain ranges that ring the county add a bit of contrast to the slightly hilly landscape seen throughout. History plays an important role in Limerick as it houses note only many ancient sites and monuments, but also one of the most important archaeological sites found anywhere in the country. The county itself dates back to a 9th century Viking settlement even though most of the buildings were not constructed until the 12th century. Even with such a rich past that is present wherever you might look, the county has a strong present as well. Known most recently as the home to the Cranberries, The Frames and author Edna O’Brien; Limerick continues to stay on the map.

Reasons to Visit Limerick

Most people that opt for a trip to this county do so because they want to further explore the historic sites located throughout. King John’s Castle is among the top tourist attractions and features the remains of the walls and towers that existed in the past. St Mary’s Cathedral is one of the oldest in Ireland at 800 years old. You can also spend some time in Croom Castle, Glenstal Abbey and exploring the arts and antiquities at the Hunt Museum. Lough Gur is an important archaeological site that has presented remains dating back to life 5000 years ago. History is not all that is offered. You can find plenty of recreation in Limerick through golf, greyhound racing, fishing and other water sports.

Entertainment and Dining in Limerick

Limerick hosts a number of yearly festivals including the Summer Music on the Shannon and the Castleconnell Summer Festival. Dine in style at any of the fine restaurants located throughout the county or enjoy a night out with 9 TVs and live bands at Unicorn Pub and Restaurant.

Accommodation in Limerick

Step into luxury when you book a stay at Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel. A private garden, bar, restaurant, leisure centre and spa ensure that your stay will be one to remember. You also have many other hotels, bed and breakfasts and cottages to choose from when making your plans to visit Limerick.