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Kilkenny, Ireland- The Creative Centre of Ireland

Kilkenny is known as craft county because of the number of homemade crafts they produce and market. From knitwear and ceramics to fashion and art, there is little that cannot be found lurking in the county somewhere. There is more to the county than crafts and it can be seen in both the natural landscapes and the historical sites located throughout the area. With ancient monuments and sites, historic villages, plenty of waterways and an area that embraces their culture there is something to be found for everyone when visiting Kilkenny.

Reasons to Visit Kilkenny

The Kilkenny Design Centre is one place that helps to promote the crafty side of the county and is a great way to come into contact with local artists. The architecture of the area combines styles and features from all eras and is present in many of the structures that remain standing from years past. Take a trip through history when you visit the Black Abbey Church that was founded in the 13th century or the number of castles that remain standing like the Kilkenny Castle and Foulksrath Castle. There are a number of 18th century bridges located in Kilkenny that are still being used. If history is not your prime passion then you can step through nature at the Castlecomer Discovery Park. Wooded pathways, trout fishing lakes, wooden sculptures and more give visitors much to do while they are there. The rivers provide plenty of opportunities for angling, boating and other water sports and horse riding is a common adventure through the county.

Entertainment and Dining in Kilkenny

Cat Laughs Comedy Festival attracts acts from all over the world each year to the county. You can also visit in August and explore traditional music at various locations in Thomastown. The Smithwicks Brewery Tour gives you a detailed look at the brewery process and many bars, restaurants and taverns exist to allow you to unwind after a day of adventure.

Accommodation in Kilkenny

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