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The country of Ireland (known as the Republic of Ireland, EIRE and the Emerald Isle) renowned for it’s farmland and greenery is a paradise for those who appreciate the nature, complemented with the friendliness of the Irish people. With 222 gardens to view in Ireland it’s primed for those that like to spend more time outdoors than inside. Choose to visit Gardenworld in Kilquade which contains 20 individual gardens, a play area and cafe to add to a fun day out. See the Lismore gardens, home to the Lismore Castle or perhaps the 18th century Larchill Gardens in County Kildare. The gardens really give you the chance to enjoy true tranquil beauty and all the landscape has to offer.

Heritage and culture is everywhere is Ireland with 42 historical centres to enjoy, with a selection of genealogical research museums where many from around the world can trace their heritage back to. The Glendalough Visitor Centre is known for its famous landmarks in the county of Wicklow and is perfect for those who enjoy museums and history.

The Irish love their music and really know how to put on a show. The famous Riverdance Irish dancing in its element was a worldwide phenomena and there are hundreds of theatre shows, musical nights and themes across the Irish counties. If you really want to experience a taste of Ireland watch the Belvedere Nights traditional dance and Irish music all for you to experience.

Food lovers will be tantalised with the variety of food festivals and cuisines to try. There is the Riverfest Food Festival in the County of Limerick and the Connemara Mussels festival but these are just the tip-of-the-ice-burg. There are plenty of different food events to see with a gourmet food week at the beginning of June. The choice of dining is far from limited and you can taste a variety of menu’s from across the world but if you want to taste a bit of true Irish food look out for the famous Irish Stew, Potato Farls, Soda Bread and Seaweed.

If relaxing is your love then the Spa therapies in Ireland offer some new treatments like Irish Bog Peat treatment and seaweed baths. There are some top golfing venues with the large parklands available, or perhaps try horse riding and fishing, both of which are popular in Ireland.