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Herefordshire – Home to the world’s largest cider maker

The history of Herefordshire began around the 7th century and saw many battles for power in the centuries that followed.

Herefordshire is located in the west of England (in the West Midlands region) and borders Wales, Shropshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. The county is agricultural and is well known for its fruit, cider production and Hereford cattle breed. It is also one of the most rural and sparsely populated counties in England.

There are a number of famous people connected with Herefordshire such as Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, who was a favourite to Elizabeth I. The maternal great-grandmother of Essex was the sister of Anne Boleyn (mother of Queen Elizabeth I), making them cousins. There are also rumours that his grandmother was Henry VIII’s (father of Queen Elizabeth I) illegitimate daughter!

It is also claimed that Nell Gwyn (mistress of King Charles II of England) was born in Herefordshire, although this is a claim made by London and Oxford as well. However, her name suggests a Welsh connection, which tends to support the Herefordshire claim.

Reasons to visit Herefordshire

There are a number of places of interest in the county such as Abbey Dore Court, Berrington Hall (a country house built around 1778-1781), Croft Castle, is now a manor house which originated as a castle in the 14th century, but it has received a number of alterations. Eastnor Castle is a mock castle built between 1812-20. Goodrich Castle (the ruins of a Norman medieval castle). Hereford Cathedral (dates from 1079) and Priory Church in Leominster.

Entertainment and Dining in Herefordshire

Herefordshire does not offer the same level of entertainment that other counties do, but there are some theatres, cinemas, nightclubs and of course pubs. Some of the eating places include Yaks N Yetis in Ross-on-Wye, the Riverside Inn at Aymestrey and the Ponte Vecchio in Hereford.

Accommodation in Herefordshire

Accommodation choices include Guest Houses, B&Bs, self-catering cottages and camping site. A few of the hotels are the Orles Barn Hotel in Ross-on-Wye, The Pilgrim Hotel in Much Birch and the Premier Inn in Ross-on-Wye.