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Greater Manchester – Where there is more than football

Greater Manchester has a history that appears to go back to the Iron Age (and probably earlier) and it was clearly occupied by the Romans.

There has always been a woolen trade in the area and this expanded considerably during the Industrial Revolution. By the 19th century Manchester had become the world’s largest marketplace for cotton goods and a major city.

Greater Manchester was only created in 1974, although German traders were using this term as far back as the 18th century. It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that England began to see the region in the same way (because of the way it was developing like London).

There is a long running belief that it ‘always’ rains in Manchester. However, in reality, the rainfall in Manchester is below average for the UK.

Greater Manchester has a number of football clubs, but the one that is known best in the world is Manchester United.

Reasons to visit Greater Manchester

Although Greater Manchester is very much an urban area, there are still many interesting attractions to see, such as Black Chew Head, which is the highest point in the county (1,778 ft), forms part of the Peak District and previously lay in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Other areas include Cheesden Valley, Crompton Moor (an area of moorland in the South Pennines), Hartshead Pike (notably for the tower on the hill), Pennine Way (a national trail), West Pennine Moors (which contain archaeological evidence of human activity from Neolithic times) and Wild Bank.

There are also a number of Castles, Reservoirs, Canals and Rivers.

Entertainment and Dining in Greater Manchester

Much of the nightlife can be found in the larger towns and of course Manchester. There are a number of theatres, plenty of cinemas and a good selection of nightclubs and pubs. There are at least a thousand eating places in the area like Nicks Restaurant in Bolton, High Moor Restaurant in Wigan and the Lime Tree in Manchester.

Accommodation in Greater Manchester

Plenty of Guest Houses available, along with B&Bs, self-catering apartments and hotels such as the Velvet in Manchester, Premier Inn in Trafford and Arora International in Manchester.