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A country known to people across the continent and for being home to the 2012 Olympics, England boasts vibrant cities and quaint towns and villages, with an abundance of history, culture and amusement. In 2012 Britain had over 28 million overseas visitors. Visits from within Great Britain as a whole are equally high with over 100 million trips made from within Great Britain.

England boasts interesting historical sites including castles, listed buildings and cathedrals steeped in the history of centuries of rule from various cultures brought in from around Europe which have helped mold what is present day England, including Saxon and Normandy invasions as well as many roads and paths built under the guidance of the Roman Empire. You’ll also be able to catch world famous sites such as the Houses of Parliament, which were once a target for a terrorist by the name of Guy Fawkes, now celebrated each November during Bonfire night and also Big Ben and the Millennium Wheel which really should be experienced up close to appreciate their true beauty and construction. There are the many museums across the country filled with dinosaur remains and wildlife during and before our lifetime including the Dodo bird.

Enjoy the coastal beaches that England has to offer, including those in Somerset, Kent, Lancashire and Dorset to name just a few popular counties which offer pebble or sandy beaches – granted the weather in England may not always be predictable nor preferable, the Spring and Summer sunshine works wonders on the English coastline. Many popular rivers run through England, including the famous Thames River running through London and into the River Severn, as well as the River Avon, Trent and Mersey.

For those who love wildlife, England is home to Deer, Squirrel, Buzzards, Blue Tits, a wide variety of butterfly, bats, owls, badgers, foxes and more. You can visit the natural reserves , trusts, rural countryside and woodland areas to enjoy them in their element across the country.

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