Apartments make a great alternative to hotels. Apartments are usually purchased by a company and offered for short-term breaks with the full self-catering facility of your very own apartment.

They’re usually part of a bigger resort but can be stand-alone, depending on design. Usually self-catering, apartments sleep between 2 and 8 people which is a great cheap alternative to booking a hotel. Mind you most apartments will require you to maintain it yourself which is one of the drawbacks of not staying in a hotel!

Apartments are generally located in the best tourist spots, from towns and cities to countryside and coast.

Apartment Partnerships

Take a look at our apartment deals – we work with UK apartment providers to bring you the best hand-picked deals. There are lots of great offers which you can find through this website.

Apartment Discount Voucher Codes

Like other industries, apartment providers create online voucher codes for use with offers and we’ll bring them to you directly when they become available.

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