Top 10 Haunted Roads in England

Watling Street, Dunstable, Bedfordshire
The road outside of the Pack Horse Inn is often reported as being haunted by a phantom cricketer. The man wears white and is seen standing in front of traffic or near the road. Motorists have reported swerving away from and even hitting the figure standing in the road only to have it disappear moments later. In 1958 a bus carrying a cricket team crashed on the spot, killing two of the passengers.

Gloucester Drive, Finsbury Park, London
Children have often been sighted playing along Gloucester road. Motorists report that the children are ghostly in appearance and disappear when approached.

Station Road Junction, Stanbridge, Bedfordshire
There have been numerous reports of phantom hitchhikers being picked up at this junction. Typically, they’re driven some distance only to vanish when the driver isn’t paying attention. During one such incident, a man picked a hitchhiker up from the junction, drove ahead at full speed for several minutes and then turned to find the hitchhiker gone. Had he opened a door to jump from the car, the car’s interior lights would have come on and he would have suffered from hitting the ground at such a speed. The driver turned his car around and retraced over the area he had driven with no trace of the hitchhiker.

A3, Burpham, Surrey
On December 11, 2002 several drivers phoned the police to report a driver swerving in and out of traffic on the A3. More reports stated that drivers had seen the car crash into the ditch. When the police arrived on the scene only to find that the body had been dead for some time. In fact, later tests proved that the driver had in fact been dead for some 6 months. Drivers reporting the crash had seen the ghost of both car and driver and were reporting it to the police.

Ragley Park, Warwickshire
At the end of the 19th century an old woman was said to stand at a corner in Ragley Park and ask people for a lift to Devonshire. She would climb into the coach and at the crossroads some 2 miles down the road, drivers would stop only to find that she had vanished. After the occurrence happened to several drivers, locals dug up the corner at the park to find a human skeleton. They buried her properly and her ghost has not been seen since.

White Woman Lane, Norfolk
The specter of the White Woman has been seen so many times that it is a common legend among the locals of Catton. She is seen after dark, crossing the road wearing a white dress. Locals believe she is the former owner of a local manor.

M6, UK
Often described as one of the most haunted roads in the world, the M6 has been around in one form or another for about 2,000 years. That’s a lot of time to collect ghosts. Motorists have reported sighting Roman soldiers and often say that they have seen eyes staring at them from the bushes. Other ghosts include a truck that drives through traffic and in the opposite direction of flow and a desolate woman hitchhiking along the road.

Stocksbridge By-Pass, near Sheffield
Security guards patrolled the Stocksbridge By-pass during its construction. Those guards reported everything from hearing children singing at night when there were no children around, seeing groups of children dressed in period clothing but not even finding footprints during the day and spotting monks standing on the bridge only to have them disappear before anyone could reach them. The guards even claim to have been frightened by a floating torso that appeared by their car and kept it from starting! Long after the guards left, members of the public continued to report spooky goings-on.

A229, Kent/Sussex
The A229 runs from Kent to Sussex and is the home of many ghost stories. Drivers often report seeing a woman dressed in white, reportedly Judith Langham who was killed on the road on her wedding day, running across the road. Drivers stop the car only to have the woman disappear before their eyes. Another, scarier ghost that haunts the road is a hitchhiker who will actually get in the car with you, talk to you and then disappear at a certain point in the road!

Blue Bell Hill, Kent
Blue Bell Hill is another very haunted road in the UK. Drivers frequently report seeing female phantom hitchhikers. One man hit a young girl with his car, wrapped her in a blanket and went to the Police Station seeking help. When he returned to the scene with the Police, the girl was gone along with all traces of her blood. Dogs brought to the area were unable to track her.


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