Tips for Camping in the Rain

Camping and caravanning has been enjoying a bit of a renaissance in recent times with one in three people in the UK reporting that they have taken a camping or caravan holiday in the last three years. Unfortunately the current wet spell has hit camp sites hard, normally at this time of year there would be 700,000 occupied pitches whereas currently there are only about 400,000. But we are used to holidaying in the rain and camping offers you the flexibility to make the most of any good weather so if you take a bit of time to get prepared you can camp in any weather and make the most of the British countryside when the sun is shining.

So follow these tips and you can camp whatever the weather:

  • If you are buying a tent try to buy one with a porch area so that you can leave wet clothes and shoes outside the tent to dry off.
  • Practice putting your tent up in the back garden until you are confident that you can put it up quickly when it is raining or in the dark.
  • Whilst your tent is up in the back garden, run the hose over it to check for leaks.
  • When you arrive at your chosen campsite pick a site at the highest level possible, check with the site owners if you have a pitch allocated you that somebody else hasn’t cancelled because of the rain if necessary.
  • Put a ground sheet under your tent and make sure that your tent completely covers it.
  • Make sure you pack plenty of plastic bags and if you are going out for the day pack your sleeping bags, towels and clothes back up into them to make sure that whatever happens they will be dry on your return.
  • Check your tent each evening for pools of water and empty them and try to stretch the area out with judicious use of the guy ropes and other ropes. Pools of water are more likely to leak and can even cause your tent to collapse if left to accumulate.
  • If the weather is warm but wet wear as few clothes as possible legs are much easier to dry than jeans or jogging bottoms so brave it in shorts, you’ll be surprised how quickly you get used to it. Similarly flip flops are fine for popping to the toilets or shower block and can be wiped dry just be careful you don’t slip in them.
  • Make sure you pack some food that doesn’t need cooking because if it’s raining heavily you really won’t want to be cooking outside and you should never cook inside the tent it really isn’t worth the fire risk.

So follow these very practical tips and you can still enjoy a camping holiday whatever the weather.

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