10 reasons to choose a UK seaside this summer!


There’s no getting away from it –we’re an island race and most of us Brits like to get away from it all by heading to the seaside whenever we have the chance. All the talk is of the popular staycations with holiday makers choosing the UK – but not enough is spoken about why the UK is so great! Here’s a fantastic list of reasons to choose the UK.

  • Sea air helps you sleep better (it’s to do with the ozone in the atmosphere which tires you out more quickly!)
  • Sea water is good for your skin (sea water has antiseptic properties and has been linked to reducing the infections associated with eczema. It may also help to heal the skin)
  • Sunshine is good for your wellbeing  (It’s all thanks to the Vitamin D which is made by our bodies through the action of the sun’s UVB rays on our skin)
  • Sand is good for your skin   (it acts as a natural exfoliant  helping to slough off all those unwanted dead cells)
  • Swimming makes you fitter (swimming exercises almost all your muscle groups making in the one of the best aerobic workouts all round)
  • Fish suppers are packed with vitamins and minerals (Fish is a major source of Omega-3)
  • Beach games help you to exercise (it’s not just the exercise – the extra resistance of working out on sand maximises the fitness effect)
  • Holidays are good for families (it’s a chance to enjoy each other’s company and spend some real quality time together)
  • Staying in the UK helps minimise your carbon footprint  (ditch air travel in favour of a ‘greener’ holiday close to home)
  • British seaside holidays are good for your  bank balance

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