Summer holidays with the kids

kids and 50mm 1.2The perennial problem is nearly upon us. Six weeks which, for the children, are a form of mini heaven. No school, no homework, no problem. Yet parents often dread the seemingly endless weeks, wondering how on earth they are going to keep the children amused. This is especially true if you are planning on taking a staycation this year. Help is at hand, however, with our handy guide to a stress free summer holiday in the UK.

When the weather is fine, the holidays are easy. Trips to the park to play on the swings, feed the ducks or practice acrobatic skills on the climbing frames are free and picnics can keep the hunger pangs at bay without the need for a second mortgage. Those within driving distance of the coast can make the most of beaches and country parks are plentiful in this green and pleasant land.

The past few years, however, have been a washout and that’s where the problems begin. What do you do with the little darlings when the rain is beating down? A quick look in the local free papers can throw up a variety of activities that are free or cheap. Libraries often have activities running through the holidays and cater for all ages, with story times for the little ones and computer game challenges for the older kids. Museums are generally free and usually offer activities that encourage the children to learn something new without even realising it.

Check out websites in your local area for coupons and vouchers that can help make outings more affordable. Cinemas offer kids’ club films at reduced rates, with films usually changing weekly. Take your own snacks and drinks and it is an incredibly cheap way to pass a rainy morning.

With a little imagination, a little research and a lot of determination, your little angels do not have to
turn into little horrors over the summer, whatever the weather.

Image: “kids and 50mm 1.2 by limaoscarjuliet, on Flickr”

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