Staycations, a trend not a blip

Hopton 9 Hole Golf CourseLast year was a difficult year for international travel, so much so that 39% of people opted to holiday at home rather than abroad, representing an increase of 10% from the previous year. This was widely regarded in travel circles as a one-off at the time, a blip to account for unusual natural and economic circumstances. However, a recent survey conducted by market research company, BDRC International, suggests rather more of a trend, with half of all people surveyed considering staying at home for their holidays this year. A 10% year on year rise is perhaps unsustainable but additional responses on the survey do shed some light on the reasons for this trend continuing.

When people choose to spend their main holidays in the UK they are increasingly likely to do so again. Of those who holidayed in the UK last year, 79% are considering doing the same this year, a rise of 13% from the previous year. Interestingly, there was a further 10% rise in one of the main reasons given for staying at home – the hassle of air travel. Note that this is not the cost of air travel, a factor more often considered as the main reason for avoiding holidays abroad. Perhaps the most telling result from the survey is that even with the hassle, people will still holiday abroad again if they did not like their UK holiday.

Essentially, what these results show is that UK tour operators and those associated with the UK leisure and hospitality industries are doing a good job. It is clear people are looking for quality and a longer term commitment to providing it, whether in hotel and bed and breakfast accommodation or tours, family holidays and short breaks. There is a renewed focus in meeting the increasing demands for those who choose to holiday at home, not necessarily because it is the cheap option, but that it is the most enjoyable.

Image: Hopton 9 Hole Golf Course by havenholidays, on Flickr

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