Staycation by Royal Appointment

Royal Wedding

Various theories abound as to why the British are increasingly choosing to stay at home for their short breaks and holidays. The spate of recent bank holiday weekends and unseasonably good weather has certainly helped jolt a great many into action, all keen to make the most of the sunshine and the freedom to enjoy it. The economic recession has helped too, in focussing the mind and stretching the funds and recent reports suggest that perhaps the reason is simple, Britons just love their country. From staycation it has become a short step to Patriotourism, helped no doubt by a certain royal wedding and, in keeping with times, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have chosen a staycation of their own for a short honeymoon.

That the happy couple chose a UK weekend break is significant for a number of reasons. Perhaps at a time of national pride with the eyes of the world upon them it is a chance to further enhance the nation’s reputation as a premier tourist destination and perhaps it may even be considered their duty to do so. More likely, given that the location for their short UK break remains undisclosed, it shows that even the most famous couple in the world can find their own special hideaway within these shores. The wedding was watched by 24 million Britons and a further 2 billion people worldwide. It seems getting away from it all is something the UK does very well indeed.

Significant too, is that William is due to return to work after the weekend just like everyone else and while of course they will honeymoon at a later date, perhaps in Africa or the Caribbean, it is nice to know that the royal wedding was a shared experience in more than just national pride, pomp and ceremony.

Image: Royal Wedding by aurélien., on Flickr

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