Scots Take the High Road

Scottish Highland Cattle, MontanaAs the nation looks forward to a reported £7 billion boost to the UK economy as a result of UK residents holidaying at home this summer, the news has shed some light on regional differences in those holiday plans. Normally research is carried out on a nationwide level, with indications that the south coast resorts are set for a bumper summer, alongside traditional favourites such as Blackpool, the Lake District and the capital cities of London and Edinburgh. Now a survey by Travelodge offers a Scottish perspective and it seems London and even Edinburgh lags behind the Highlands as the Scottish destination of choice.

Most people in the UK will already be aware of the great attractions of the Scottish Highlands and indeed according to Scott Armstrong, regional director for VisitScotland, 80% of visitors to the Highlands last year came from the UK. What is surprising from the recent findings in the Travelodge survey, is that not only is this year set to increase the demand for Highlands holidays from residents from all over the UK, but that more Scots are likely to head northwards too, rather than take the well worn path down to England. The staycation phenomenon has been seen as a reaction to jetting abroad, but it seems in modern times the less distance travelled the better.

It makes sense to stay even closer to home than perhaps normally expected, not just because it means a time-saving, relatively hassle free trip, but in the savings to be made in fuel and travel costs. With train journeys remaining a high cost means of travel in the UK, most people will be taking the car on holiday this year and fuel costs are clearly being factored into the budget. This is all good news for the Highlands of course, as well as all those set to enjoy them.

Image: ” Scottish Highland Cattle, Montana by Carly Art, on Flickr”

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