Have a rubbish holiday!

bluplasticautumnWondering where to go on holiday this year? Well spare a thought for Steve Jones of the Isle of Wight. No matter where he ends up going, he always has a rubbish time. But despite this, he wouldn’t change a thing. Why? Well, Steve is a bit of a fan of dustcarts and likes nothing more than to travel around the UK, visiting the local waste tips and even offering to work on the bins for nothing.

His journeys in search of interesting dustcarts have taken him around the UK, taking in destinations such as Cornwall, Kent, Lancashire, the Lake District and South Wales. Steve, a self-employed gardener, began his love affair with dustcarts when he was but a lad. He progressed from merely following them on his bike to noting down registration numbers, crew members’ names and details of the dustcarts. He finally landed his dream job of dustman in 1987, but left after four years later when he realised that his work colleagues didn’t share his enthusiasm. Following this disappointment, Steve decided that his passion was best kept as a hobby.

Getting older just meant that he had more money to spend on his passion and he has lovingly restored a rare 1982 dustcart purely so that he can drive it around in his spare time. Of course the waste carrying system in such a beast needs to be maintained as well, so Steve fills the cart with clean cardboard a couple of times a year and takes it to a recycling centre, where he pushes it out again. When asked what appeals to him so much, he said, “It’s wonderful watching them in action. Even if I can’t join in, I love seeing them crush the waste and dump it at the tip.”

Image: “bluplasticautumn by weegeebored, on Flickr”

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