Review: Butlins Skegness Resort, Lincolnshire

Butlins Holiday Resort, Skegness is currently the largest of the 3 Butlins resorts.

Where is Butlins Skegness Resort?

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Located on the East coast of England in Lincolnshire, Butlins Holiday Resort, Skegness offers holiday makers a fantastic large array of facilities and things to do as well as a beach location that has families coming back each year.

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Butlins Skegness Customer Reviews

Customer review ratings across Tripadvisor, Review Centre,  Dooyoo and Ciao award Butlins Holiday Resort Skegness Resort an average of

4 out of 5 stars!

Selected comments:

Butlins Skegness is the easiest of the 3 Butlins resorts to get to if you live North of London”

“We didn’t enjoy Butlins Skegness over Christmas though we’ve enjoyed it since”

“Fantastic value for money, as with all Butlins resorts”

“It wasn’t just the kids that enjoyed the Butlins red coats, we all did!”

“Some of the Skegness accommodation is basic, but you do get what you pay for”

“The Skegness resort has improved massively”

“Enjoyed Minehead better but Skegness was ok”

“Lots of entertainment to enjoy”

Butlins Skegness Video

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