UK Family Holidays, Don’t Let the Rain Spoil your Break!

You know how it is, you’re on holiday the initial excitement of getting there  and exploring the accommodation and the area has worn off and to cap it all it’s raining. Your disappointed, the children are fractious and things are starting to get a little bit heated. Stop! Step back and slow down and think about what to do. Turn this into an opportunity to do something as a family there are actually lots of great things to do indoors.

Have you brought any board games with you – your kids want you and your time so spend time playing with them, go back to basics. If your accommodation has a games room or a games console like a Nintendo Wii try to find a game that you can all play and start a tournament with a prize for the winner.

If you’re staying in a holiday park then the easiest option is to go swimming but did you know that many of the holiday parks sell day passes so you could spend the day at a nearby Butlins or Pontins  if there is one. The passes last from 8-9 o’clock in the morning through to midnight in many cases and are around £5 for an adult and £2.50 per child. They have indoor pools and games rooms and evening entertainment.

Many areas now have a dedicated children’s theatre or the main theatre runs special events targeted at young children and matinee tickets are usually cheaper than evening ones so if you have internet access have a search round or pop down to the local library and see what’s on. Similarly the cinema is also another good way to spend an afternoon although not quite so interactive. The cinema is also a great place to go if you’re struggling with the heat as they are usually well air conditioned so lovely and cool. Children’s films due out this summer include Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Dog Days and the new Disney film The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

If your memories of going to a museum are of wondering around a lot of exhibits in dusty glass cases while Dad had to read every word of every explanation then you really should visit one of the new breed of interactive museums like the Mailbox in Birmingham, Ingenuity in Telford and Eureka in Halifax and there are several more across the country. You really get the opportunity to learn whilst having fun and get some exercise because they often feature some level of physical activity as they attempt to explain the science and technology around us.

If your family is into animals then why not try a SeaLife Centre they are indoors and you can often get offers for them meaning that the kids go in for free. See sting rays and sharks, wonder at the sea horses, understand the animals at the water’s edge like crabs and seashells and otters.

So don’t worry about the rain it’s what Britain is famous for – but because we’re used to it we have developed so many things to do that are inside in the dry so take the time to do something as a family and turn it into a positive.

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