Package Details

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included within each package.

Basic Property Information

Listing basic information of your property, describing some of the features and reasons why customers might want to stay with you.

Package included in: All

Address Listing

You can list your full address to allow customers to view your exact location

Package included in: All

Telephone Number Listed

All packages allow you to leave your telephone number listed to allow customers to contact you directly.

Package included in: All

Property Photo Uploads

You can upload images of your property to allow potential guests to see what you can offer, including bedrooms and the surrounding area.

You can only list 1 image with the FREE basic package and more if you upgrade.

Package included in: All

Facility Listings

Offer potential guests an insight into what your property can offer with the ability to select from facilities which customer may be interested in.

You can only list 3 facilities with the FREE basic package and more if you upgrade.

Package included in: All

External On-Page Advertisting

Your holiday property listing will include relevant advertising served by Google. This allows us to support the cost of providing the discounted Basic and Silver packages.

Package included in: Basic, Silver

Link to Your Website

If you have your own website then you can use this to list your website and attract web visitors to your site.

Package included in: Silver, Gold

Accommodation & Facilities Information

You can expand out on the additional features included at your property and describe your accommodation options to help guests choose your property over another.

Package included in: Silver, Gold

From Price Listed

Allows you to list your cheapest ‘from’ price in the holiday search results page. This will help your property stand out to customers that are in that price range.

Package included in: Silver, Gold

Deals & Promotions Information

If you run regular deals and promotions, this will allow you to keep your property page updated with the latest information and help convert prospects into guests!

Package included in: Silver, Gold

Viewing Statistics

This will provide you with insights into how many visitors have viewed your listings.

Package included in: Gold

Access to Offer Manager

If you have deals and promotions that run through the year, use Offer Manager to post up your offers into dedicated offer pages which provide much more coverage for your property.

With Offer Manager you create the deals when you need them (for example for Xmas) and these are shared across other parts of our site, through email to our customers, through Twitter and also Facebook.

Your deals will also appear on the homepage for a limited time and offers your property maximum exposure across the site. Plus the more relevant offers you create, the more customers see them and the more customers are exposed to your property.

Package included in: Gold

Enquiry Form

Maximise your customer acquisition by utilising our enquiry page on your property listing page. Combined with your address, telephone number and website address, this ensures you capture as many leads as possible by catering for the various ways in which potential guests like to enquire.

Package included in: Gold

Google Maps Locator & Pin

Help your guests locate you with a map of your property location with a pin to exactly identify your property. By using Google Maps potential guests can calculate drive times to help their decision making.

Package included in: Gold

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