How are the Olympics Affecting Holiday Travel?

If you don’t know now then you never will London is hosting the Olympic Games this summer and there will be a whole host of people coming to visit. Using data on air bookings made by May 12th Forward Data have reported that not surprisingly inward travel is up by 13% with the majority of people flying in from Europe followed by North America.

Departures from London Airports by British holiday makers have dropped by 5% on last year’s figures for the two weeks prior to the opening ceremony on 27th July. But be warned it seems like many people are just postponing their holiday as for the three weeks after the closing ceremony bookings are up by 10% on last year plus all those visitors have also got to get home. So the airports are going to be packed with people either anxious to get away or to get home.

Information on planning around the Olympics can be found here

So why not miss all this and take the opportunity to explore our wonderful country, we really do have the best of all worlds with beautiful countryside, pleasant sandy beaches and vibrant city centres filled with museums and art galleries and experiences. Many areas have created events to capture what is great about the UK and our history so there are Shakespeare festivals and Dickens Events. Don’t forget the Americans have to come over here to see castles as they haven’t got any.  And just as the US has theme parks we have some great ones too with Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures and Thorpe Park.

If you fancy trying some foreign food then again we have so much available try the Cosmos chain featuring pan Asian food from China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Mongolia, Singapore, Vietnam and India, or Italian food or again with have American Themed Restaurants like Frankie and Bennies and TGI Fridays.

It it’s animals you love then we have zoos, Safari Parks and petting zoos. Many farms have diversified and are allowing animal encounters or have converted out buildings into holiday lets so you can stay on a working farm.

There really is a holiday for you in Britain and better still many companies are offering many amazing deals so keep browsing our site to get some of the best. 2012 is the year of the staycation where people stay at home and go on days out or have a series of short breaks in different parts of the country. So go off and explore our beautiful land and avoid the airport crush.

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