Summer Festival Survival Guide – 11 Must Haves!


This offer has expired. Are you going to one of the big music festivals this summer? Then this is for you. If you're going to Leeds and Reading, or Wireless or the V festival this summer then here's what to pack.

11 Essentials to Pack:

1. Sunscreen - yes I know it isn't sunny at the moment but if you are standing outside for any length of time and there is the possibility of sun then you need to apply. Sunburn will severely spoil your enjoyment of the weekend. 2. A Headlamp - This sounds very strange but if you need to go to the loo in the night this is the best way of avoiding any guy ropes or tent pegs. 3. Toilet Paper - Take plenty it is amazing what people are prepared to offer you for some toilet roll, particularly towards the end of the festival. 4. Baby Wipes and Hand Wash- Baby Wipes as you will get hot and sweaty dancing the night away in a packed tent. Take pity on your mates and keep yourself fresh. The Hand Wash is to use before you eat anything - standards of hygiene fall dramatically at festivals and you really do not want food poisoning when you having to queue to use a portaloo. 5. First Aid Kit - there is a medical centre at every festival but they get very busy and they really won't appreciate you turning up for a plaster for your blisters. Anything serious and of course head for the medical centre but a mini kit containing plasters, disinfectant wipes, sting and burn ointment is always useful. 6. Camera - Come on this is an experience you want to remember. Disposable ones are good, you won't have time to pose for a portrait sitting you just want to be able to take a few snaps. 7. Bottled water and sports drinks - if it's sunny you can quickly become dehydrated similarly if you are really naughty and drink alcohol you will also become dehydrated and get a nasty hangover. Drink plenty of water inbetween the booze and you won't feel so bad. 8. A Cooler - Keep your beer and water cool with a cooler. You can also save some money by taking food for the first day. 9. Blanket or Chairs - You will need something to sit on and it gets much cooler when the sun goes down. 10. Something to make your tent stand out. It's also a good idea to pitch it near some landmark particularly if you turn up early. There will be thousands of tents and many may be identical to yours so bring a flag, paint it with dayglo paint, anything to mark it as yours that can be easily seen in the dark. 11.Clean Clothes if you get wet either from your friends splashing you, or sweating from all the energetic dancing you will be doing or worse case scenario rain - you will be at risk of hypothermia as the temperature drops at night. Finally, a little tip don't forget that there has usually been livestock in the field before you so try not to drink from the puddles! Then just have FUN!!!

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