How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel

These days, most people enjoy the convenience they get with a Smartphone.  There are many options available which enable the user to access the internet with ease, offer various applications they can download and most come with free text messages.

74% of first and business class passengers own Smartphones, while 54% of economy travellers also own Smartphones. Of these, 50% are more likely to use text messaging.

The advantage of Smartphones is that seventy five per cent of them will connect to the airport’s free Wi-Fi service enabling the user to search for flight information. 50% of users use the Wi-Fi to find out the waiting times at security, forty per cent of them use it while reaching departures and 21% use the Wi-Fi in the airport parking area.

Being able to access the internet with ease at the airport enables users to stay connected until their flight departs; enabling them to check for hotels, transport and stay in contact with loved ones right up to the point of departure.

How Mobile Technology is changing travel

Infographic researched and produced by online travel guides site, My Destination.

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