Partners with UK Bed & Breakfast Association chooses top 200 B&Bs in the UK is an online source to book hotels and accommodations within the United Kingom., a leading discount hotel specialist, recently announced its partnership with the United Kingdom Bed and Breakfast Association. This unique partnership was created in order to encourage travellers to consider choosing independent Bed and Breakfasts as an overnight option for their accommodation needs during short stays.

Both and the United Kingdom Bed and Breakfast Association are in the process of creating awareness around the fact that the Bed and Breakfast industry has changed tremendously from its original, traditional roots. B&B’s now offer some of the most exciting and unique accommodation experiences, which are not available through regular hotels.

As part of their collaboration efforts, the two organizations have created a list of the top 200 bread and breakfast hotels to stay at within the United Kingdom. This list, called their “Gems” is based upon consumer reviews, testimonials, and a number of other important and pertinent factors.

Over the course of the next few months, and the UK B&B Association will be showcasing their top 200 list in special editions of Lonely Planet as well as behind the scenes blogs, never before seen videos, and through different magazine features with celebrity Jenni Falconer. They will also be showcasing this list in many other forms of traditional and online media as well. In addition to the list of the top 200, the owners of the B&Bs will also be interviewed and featured in order to give their perspective on the industry as well.

Anyone who is interested in booking a bread and breakfast hotel for their next stay in the United Kingdom can do so atthe website.  They have an easy to use website booking system which guarantees privacy, has a secured connection, and will book your room quickly and easily from anywhere in the world.

About is an online accommodations site, where accommodations can be booked quickly and easily through the comfort of one’s own home.  LateRooms does not charge a booking fee, and offers a plethora of accommodations around the world at low prices, which makes it stand out from other online booking companies.

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