Then vs. Now: How Much Have Kids Changed in a Generation?

How much have teenagers changed in 30 years? Most parents would probably agree that the teenage population has changed quite a bit since 1982. Before, a teenager might have listened to something like Survivor, and they would have listened to this on a Walkman. Now, the average teenager owns an iPod and a mobile phone, and will gladly listen to something such as Rihanna. The average teenager thirty years ago might have just watched ET. Today’s teenagers are much more likely to practice safe sex. It is interesting how much teenagers change through the years.

Thirty years ago, the average working teenager made just $60.30 a week (about £40). Now, teenagers can earn an average $130.00 a week. Drugs use is down from thrity years ago, surveys report. Now only about 20 percent of teenagers use recreational drugs compared to 30 percent in 1982. Additionally, while thirty percent of teens smoked cigarettes thirty years ago, only about 18 percent do now. It is truly interesting to look at these statistics and see how much teenagers have changed in a generation.


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