Kentish village earns ‘most haunted’ accolade

Parish Church of St. Nicholas Thorne, Thorne England
Pluckley, nestled in the heart of the Kent countryside, looks a familiar sight. This historical town looks and feels familiar, not surprisingly, as it featured in the TV series ‘The Darling Buds of May.” These days, however, Pluckley is famous for another reason. With no fewer than 12 ghostly manifestations being recorded, this is officially the most haunted pace in the UK. Here are just a few of the spooky inhabitants.

Fright Corner

Aptly named, this is where the ghost of highwayman Robert Du Bois is sometimes seen speared to a spectral tree. Another apparition here is that of a woman, thought to be a gypsy who accidentally set herself on fire with her pipe.

Dicky Buss’s Lane

The former headmaster provides a particularly chilling sight here. Wearing stripy trousers and a frock coat, the phantom is seen hanging from a tree.

Screaming woods.

Another aptly named place and not somewhere you want to head into in the dark of night. The woods get their name from the blood curdling screams coming from deep within in the late evening.

The village pubs.

The old hunting lodge, now the Dering Arms, has a ghost that is so clear that she is often mistaken for a customer. Not to be outdone, the Black Horse has a poltergeist that moves things around and sometimes hides wallets and coats.

Church of St. Nicholas.

This is the place to come if you want to hear ghostly knockings and see flickering lights. The knocking is said to be the ghost of Lady Dering, who, in order to try and prevent her decay, was buried inside three lead coffins. The church is also home to two other ghostly ladies. A lady dressed in red wanders the churchyard in search of her missing baby, whereas the inside of the building is occupied by the ghost of a woman in 20th century clothing.

Image: Parish Church of St. Nicholas Thorne, Thorne England by JamesCanby, on Flickr

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