Hotel revenues down – A chance for the bargain hunters?

Reuters recently reported on the global slowdown for hotel revenues. Hotel revenues have fallen sharply since last October.

An expected drop in demand for hotels may well trigger a number of actions from the hotel industry. Prices may be slashed, in which case cheap hotel breaks will become more accessible not only from the budget hotels and mid-range hotels but also perhaps the more aspirational high-end hotel brands.

Cheap hotel breaks do not have to equate to poor quality hotel breaks. With many providers slashing prices in January to take advantage of the seasonal demand, but moreover demand for your business, this will also help you find a bargain cheap quality break. Note the emphasis on quality.

When reports such as the research conducted on poor quality dwellings hits the press, other ‘budget’ hotel brands will take notice and start redefining the meaning of both budget and quality when it comes to bargain cheap quality breaks.

However, Reuters also noted that a number of large hotel groups are considering moving into the ’boutique’ niche. That is, trendy, stylish hotel accommodation situated in trendy, stylish locations.

Why settle for the drab and dreary monotone decor when you could be staying in an artistic wonderment? Why indeed!

Luxury hotel brands, accessibly to a smaller group of hotel travellers have been hit hardest by the credit crunch. The budget hotels are indeed the ones on top right now.

If you’re looking for a bargain cheap quality hotel break then 2009 may be the year to take that bargain short break!

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