Holidays in Alwinton – isolated and rural Northumberland

alwinton_churchAlwinton is one of those picturesque and remote country villages which always feature well in the country life magazines. The road doesn’t really go anywhere else and there are more sheep than people. You almost expect James Herriot to step out of the pages of “It shouldn’t happen to a vet” and start talking to the local farmer leaning on his farm gate.But this is upper Coquetdale in deepest rural Northumberland and the Yorkshire dales are many miles away.

So where exactly is Alwinton and why do people love to come here for their holidays? Well you really need to start at the market town of Rothbury and head north west into the foothills of the Cheviot. Drive through Thropton, past the fishery at Hepple, over the remains of the old Roman wall at Sharpeton and following the valley of the river Coquet will bring you to Alwinton.

To the south you have the vastness of Harbottle wood to explore and to the north and east you have the foothills of the Cheviot itself.The small roads criss cross the landscape and there are lovely streams to park and have a picnic alongside. No one gets anywhere fast round here, the air is clean and at night the sky will be so clear that the stars will almost seem close enough to touch.

The nearest popular attraction is probably Cragside estate, just to the south and east of the market town of Rothbury. A little further towards the coast and you will come to Alnwick with it’s castle and beautiful gardens.

This article has been written by Mike Holly who loves exploring cottages around Alwinton.

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