A Holidaymaker’s Guide to Blackpool

The Big One (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)Blackpool is a seaside resort town, a borough of Lancashire. This town on the coast of the Irish Sea is over sixty kilometres from Manchester. It became fashionable in the mid 1700s to travel the coastline and bathe in the salty water for improving one’s overall wellbeing. Many people started coming to Lancashire’s Blackpool eleven-kilometre beach. The town experienced phenomenal growth, and today remains a well-loved coastal resort.


Its distance from London is over three hundred eighty kilometres or just over a four-hour drive. Visitors do drive or take a coach, but many prefer to arrive by rail or air. The Blackpool International Airport flies to and from twenty destinations in the country and on the continent. This international airport is one of the most popular airports in the UK for service, efficiency and overall experience.


Several historic and contemporary landmarks and attractions make Blackpool an attractive, fascinating and amusing resort. The seashore surroundings are beautiful. Here are some of the favourite sites:

Blackpool Tower

Rising 158 m, this tower opened in 1894 and it has ruled the landscape of Blackpool ever since. Venues for leisure and entertainment include the Tower Ballroom, Tower Circus, restaurants and more.

Grand Theatre

Built in 1894, this historic theatre is still active today providing the best of the performing arts from ballet to opera to pantomime. Offering a variety of shows, the entertainment in this beautiful, small theatre has something for everyone.

Piers North, Central and South

These three large piers each provide different entertainments. North Pier has a small shopping arcade. Central Pier has some shops and a Ferris wheel. South Pier across from Pleasure Beach has a theme park.

Pleasure Beach Blackpool

This amusement park has many rides, and one ride is a tall and fast circuit rollercoaster, called the Pepsi Max Big One. Pleasure Beach is popular with young and old.

Sandcastle Waterpark

A safe, affordable and clean family waterpark, this park has slides, themed pools and rides. People can spend the entire day here, taking a break from the water at the eating area.

Stanley Park

A lovely park and gardens covering three hundred and ninety acres that has something for the entire family. The children’s play area is spacious and part of it is wheelchair accessible. Landscaped grounds include an Italian garden, lakes for boating, woodlands, fountains, rose gardens and more. The sport facilities offer venues for a variety of sports such as tennis, BMX, football and fishing.

Blackpool is worth a stop on a UK holiday. There is much to do and see for the entire family. From golfing to swimming, theatre at Winter Garden to walking the piers, families can find things to enjoy together.

This is a Guest Post by Sergio, a travel writer that has reviewed many hotels in Blackpool and many other destinations.

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