The Growing Trend of the UK ‘Staycation’

A recent survey conducted by budget hotel group, Travelodge has found that the trend of UK ‘staycations’ is here to say – with more and more families choosing a UK break over overseas holidays. The significant saving in costs and travel time is seemingly becoming more and more attractive to families in the UK.

The chief executive of Travelodge, Grant Hearn said: “The staycation trend accelerating to record levels and boosting our economy by £12billion this year, is a very welcome sign” – a boost he reckons has stemmed from the 2012 London Olympics and the legacy it has left behind. Seeing the country come together to celebrate what is great about the country has in turn encouraged people to explore what else we have to offer.

UK Staycations

It pays to stay at home

The average UK break this year is estimated to cost £399, which is over £34 less than last year (and over £600 less than the average foreign holiday) suggesting that there has never been a better time to take advantage of the great value breaks available right now. Not only are families getting a great deal but also these estimations should mean a boost in the UK economy of around £12 billion. Add to that the growing costs of airfares and package holidays during the school breaks, plus stressful airport experiences, it is not a surprise that we Britons are choosing to stay at home for our holidays.

Cities, seaside & scenery

Perhaps the UK’s appeal stems from the many different types of breaks available. Within the survey UK city breaks were found to be the most popular with 31% preferring to head to one of our many popular cities. A close second were countryside rural breaks with 27% of people stating that they were their favourite, whilst seaside holidays were found to be the third most popular UK break type with 22% of people.

As we cannot always rely too much on the weather to give us a happy holiday, it seems we can rely on the fantastic growing amount of things to do, go and see around the UK. From music festivals, our famous landmarks, to beach days and wildlife trails, there certainly is a lot to keep us busy and entertained right here.

So, if Travelodge’s research is anything to go by, the UK ‘staycation’ is here to stay, becoming the holiday of choice for a growing number of us. Not only are we saving money, but also we are exploring the many great destinations we have to offer as well as helping to boost our own economy. Sounds like everyone’s a winner!

Image Flickr – Donnr MB

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