10 Top Free Kids’ Holiday Activities

Sometimes the thought of the children being off from school can be daunting for parents.  Especially if you have more than one child to keep happy, entertained and away from the dreaded words “I’m bored”.

We often end up paying hundreds of pounds to keep our little ones busy, trips to the fun fair, circus, special holiday activity clubs and visits to the zoo.  Whilst these are great for a day out or occasional treat these can add up leaving us financially strained.

To avoid this you can plan ahead and be prepared with many free activities that the kids will love and what is great is you can do them yourself.

  • Picnics in the garden at lunch time are a favourite, bring along your cuddly toys and get the kids involved.  Sandwich making is great fun if you let them get their hands dirty.
  • Good old fashion gluing and sticking always brings a smile to the kiddies faces but you can add a little more fun to it by introducing other messy play like mixing up some corn flour into water and letting the kids dive in.  I always find a few plastic animals and toys in the mix adds further fun to it and not only does it keep the kids busy for at least an hour it washes off with ease.  If you have not got any corn flour mix up some jelly it works a treat.
  • Baking a pizza, biscuits, cakes is another great family activity children love helping and they cannot wait to eat their creations.  It also encourages a great diet with all those pizza toppings, you soon find there is not that much left to put on the pizza.
  • Trips to park or round the block on bikes gives the family a bit of free fresh air and helps burn off their excess energy.
  •  A day out to the museum filled with dinosaurs, interactive displays and learning about new things is a great day out.  Travel on public transport is usually free for the youngsters and the admission to most museums is free.
  • Local leisure centres often have free swim sessions if you fancy a dip and the kids love a good splash – during the holidays there are often added extras at the pool like mini paddle boats, inflatable slides to make that trip that much more fun for the tots.
  • Treasure hunts can really get the kids thinking, get their pirate hats on and start drawing up some clues.  If they cannot read then draw the clues using pictures to help them out.
  •  Check out your local wildlife with a stroll out back, you can even make a bird feeder to encourage wildlife like hedgehogs, small birds to your garden.  Failing this there is a low yearly subscription to the National Trust which has nature trails, bird watching events and more allowing you an affordable day out with the family.
  • A trip to your local farm is always a family favourite, enjoying picking fruit and veg this is not only educational it encourages great eating and ensures a full and exciting day out.  Why not finish a perfect day by conjuring up something nice in the kitchen from all those great foods you have picked.
  • If getting out is your favourite activity then childrens week is full of free entertainment, shows, concerts and more.  Whats great is it starts in the midst of the summer holidays and its free – when is it you cry Monday 19th – Friday 23rd August 2013!

So put a smile on your childrens faces and plan your acitivites today!!!

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