What is a Caravan Holiday?

A caravan break is normally a short break with accommodation provided in a mobile home. There are several caravan holiday breaks that include hiring of the caravan whilst you are staying. Some holiday parks have their own caravans and some allow private caravan owners to rent out their caravans within the park. The prices in this case may differ as private fees will differ on location, size and quality. There are different sized caravans depending on how many people are travelling on your break. A caravan tends to be smaller than an apartment but would include the normal rooms and utilities you would expect in an apartment holiday. A caravan break is normally self catering so you would need to take your own food.

Expect to have a living space dependant on the budget you have available and the size of your party. The caravan space is adequate and has the basics things you need to enjoy your break. You should be provided with pots and pans, cutlery, plates, tin opener, beds and bedding, fridge, cooker and seating area. You will have a toilet and a shower so you can freshen up. There will be lots of other caravans in close proximity to your own so you will have neighbours.

When staying at a holiday park you will be close to basic amenities so you will be able to purchase food and enjoy some activities but you can research this depending on which park you choose. Like every holiday destination things will be more expensive so take what you can to minimise costs in respect of cooking for yourself. Choose a holiday park with things of interest to you before you book so when you arrive you have plenty to do depending on your own interest and who you are travelling with. Amenities will vary from park to park and location to location but as a general rule there is normally an outdoor play area similar to a local park, there is often swimming facilities, and if it’s a holiday park some clubs for the kids, evening restaurants/bars for the adults. There tends to be a launderette nearby to enable washing and drying of clothes as like with most holiday accommodation a washing machine is not normally available within the caravan.

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